No Chocolates or Teddy Bears for this Chick

Let’s talk Valentine’s Day. It’s definitely one of those “Hallmark Holidays,” but none the less people go crazy over it. When you're a kid it was all about the tiny mailboxes at school that your classmates loaded with pink and red candies.  Trust me, I can get behind any excuse for a sugar rush at school, but with that being said I’m not really a big Valentine's Day person. The huge heart boxes with chocolates and the teddy bears holding balloons are just not for this chick. Not to mention we should never use Valentine's Day as an excuse to shower your loved ones with affection and gifts, that should be everyday.  Although I am more than happy with a thoughtful card and some flowers, (always white, NEVER red). Below are some things I definitely wouldn’t say no to on Valentine’s Day, hint hint to the hubby.