Babes In Menswear

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With the holidays coming up, we are all in search of those festive looks for all the fabulous holiday parties. Holiday dressing can be a fine line and honestly a little exhausting. You want a little sparkle without looking like the tinsel on your 1990s Christmas tree and lots of texture—think velvet—but you don’t want to spend a fortune on something that isn’t wearable after New Year's.

Enter my sister (the photo above) at a State dinner in Japan. Wow! I mean, can we all just take a minute to soak it in? I had to when I first saw the photo. It's such an unexpected look for the girl who has never seen a dress she didn’t like. But, look at her—she absolutely killed it. This look instantly makes her something of a mini style icon among all the suits in Washington. Now, the Daily Mail has been following her every outfit change, something I am sure she is not crazy about. Regardless, I am jumping on the bandwagon because this look deserves every bit of attention it gets.

Let's talk about the rest of the look. The loose waves with the berry lip were such a nice juxtaposition from the tuxedo and added a bit of an effortless vibe to her incredibly chic look. Now, while there were no photos of Hopes footwear, I can almost guess that she paired this look with an incredibly high black pump, which is exactly what I would put with it.

I've rounded up some great and affordable menswear choices for all your holiday parties. Velvet bowties add the perfect holiday touch, while I love the big silk bows; if you're going for Hope’s look above, the “floppy bow tie” is right up your alley. Classic black is my favorite for this look, but if you want something more daring, the jacket would be the place to mix it up. When you break down the pieces, they are all things that you can wear separately going forward. This makes it easier to stomach than spending $600 on a sparkly black tie dress that you might only get to wear once. Are you all daring enough to pull off the Babes in Menswear look this holiday season?