tiny bags with BIG personality

Tiny bags otherwise known as mini bags…..originally I wasn’t sold. My sister hit the tiny bag trend hard; not going to lie, I thought she was crazy. I mean the first one she had couldn’t even fit her cell phone in it, but she rocked it.  Fast forward four months and I’m a tiny bag convert.  It MUST MUST have a top handle to qualify as a tiny bag, otherwise its a clutch....NOT the same. They fit just the necessities which means you can’t pack your entire life into it. We are all guilty of doing that and we wonder why our bags weigh 20 pounds. You'll see how surprisingly versatile tiny bags can be. Elegant, chic and sporty are just a few words to describe them. I have the Forever 21 bag listed below and its perfect if you're looking for something, but aren’t fully sold on the tiny bag trend. I bought the Zac Posen one for someone as a Christmas gift and it was really hard not to keep it for myself. The leather is so soft and it comes in a ton of colors.