Forever 21: Fortune or Fail

Forever 21 - we may never admit it but it’s everyone's guilty pleasure and I am a total offender. I no longer allow myself to go in the store because it gives me a bit of anxiety. First of all, I just have this urge to straighten and re-hang things, it always looks like a tornado went through the place. Second, there is so much stuff it’s just too over whelming to wrap my head around going through it all. Then I immediately feel like I am missing something; FOMO in Forever 21? How much of a loser does that make me? So I force myself to shop strictly online now. Which presents some other problems; you can’t try anything on and you can’t see the quality of anything. So I end up ordering a bunch of stuff and I am lucky if anything fits. Then when it doesn’t fit I never return it.  But when I get an order and everything fits (maybe 25% of the time) I am sucked back in. It’s really a shopping sickness and every time it happens I swear I am NEVER going to order anything again. Then I find myself filling cart up and the same cycle begins. With that being said I do find some good things and people are generally shocked when I say it came from F21. It’s all about what you pair it with. So here are a few things I am currently filling my cart up with.