Wanted: The perfect apres boots


Ventured up to Vermont this past weekend and man was it cold. I mean take-your-breath-away feel it in your bones cold. My husband and his friends have been renting a ski house for the past three seasons and when Friday afternoon rolls around we hop in the car and head north for the weekend. It’s nice to escape, even if its just for two days. Weekends are full of flannel shirts, good beers, fires, skiing and bacon (they put bacon on EVERYTHING in Vermont and I am not complaining). Since college I have lived in my Bean Boots during the winter, and in VT it’s totally acceptable to wear them out to the even the nicest restaurant. This winter I was a little bit tired of them and wanted something jazzier for my “apres boot.” After a long day of skiing all you want to get into is a big comfortable sweater and some really warm boots that can handle the salt and snow. Enter these Theory boots, the second I saw them I loved them.... they are so warm. Unfortunately mine are sold out but below I included some that are just as apres chic.