Couture Cravings

Today is March 14th and we have been lucky enough to have some 65 degree days, the crocus were even starting to pop up. Despite all of that, today we are slated to get 12-24 inches of snow, and I am not happy about it. I feel like this always happens, one last (let’s hope) big snowstorm before winter is actually over. I have a feeling a lot of us are going to be spending today inside. Hopefully by the fire, maybe doing a little online shopping. I know I will be. Here are a few of my couture cravings to help combat your snowstorm blues:

Diptyque Candles: What snow day, or any day for that matter, is complete without an amazing candle. We light candles probably every night in our house, there is something so soothing about them. These are probably my favorite brand because the scents are a little more masculine and a little less fruity. Worth every penny.

Drunken Elephant Whipped Cream: All of Drunken Elephant’s products are formulated without toxins, parabens, and sulfates. This moisturizer has a light whipped texture but is still creamy and really effective. The Marula Oil and the C-Firma Day Serum are also favorites.

Marc Jacobs Dew Drops Coconut Gel Highlighter: I am obsessed with this stuff. Just mix in a little with your primer or moisturizer and it instantly gives you the most perfect sun-kissed, dewy glow. The gel has five forms of coconut to protect and nourish your skin, and it smells amazing.

Nike Prestos: These are perfect for the warmer weather we hopefully have coming out way. They are super light and perfect for those days you just want to wear your gym clothes all day (I am guilty of this more than I like to admit). Size down, these run big.

Glossier Cloud Paint: This is the newest release from Glossier. I snapped up two colors when they first came out. Haze is probably my favorite, it gives you that perfect flushed look. You can even dab a little on your lips for the perfect stain.

Misha Collection Justine Pantsuit: I am a huge, and I mean huge fan of jumpsuits. The bathroom situation isn’t always great, but I seem to pick them over a dress anyway. This black one is super sophisticated but still sexy with the slit in the front and the open back.

Zara Top: The eyelet and the bell sleeves make this perfect for those summer nights. Thinking I am going to pair it with high waist denim and a nude sandal. Even though it's going to snow two feet tomorrow buying clothes for warmer temperatures makes me feel a little better.