Watercolor your Walls

I believe art is just as important to the decoration of a space as the furniture, it really makes a space feel like home. Bare walls in your house or apartment are never a good look. I have been really lucky to have my pick of art work. My grandmother is an artist so I have always had access to amazing pieces. I probably had stuff on my walls before I had furniture.  But as I have gotten older I have started to collect my own art to mix in with her creations. My apartment was starting to look like one of her art openings so I needed to mix it up. Anyways, I came across these The Aestate prints on Etsy and I think they are really fun. They are a great price, come in a bunch of sizes and you can have them framed however you want.

Three of the match box prints stacked together in a library or above a bar car would be really cool. I love the black and white nude; I ordered it for our apartment. The palm prints are also really chic, they were a part of my OMG picks last week. The lips are really fun and would look awesome on dark wall. I picked a few of my favorites and linked them below. Head over to the website to see them all.