Sneaker Overload


Bags and sneakers. Those are my weaknesses. Always have been. Ever since I was little I have loved bags, and I mean, LOVED them. They were always on my birthday or Christmas list. With that being said, sneakers are a pretty close second. It probably comes from the fact that I was a big tomboy in elementary school. I wore a variation of the same outfit every day which consisted of my lacrosse wind pants and a Calvin Klein sweatshirt. Writing this I’m laughing out loud. So embarrassing, but so true.

Sneakers have come a long way and honestly aren’t just for exercising. I’ve been pretty excited that slip ons and high tops have become a big trend in the past few years. I have sneakers for working in the ER. I have sneakers for running. I have sneakers for those days I just can’t seem to get out of my workout clothes. And then I have trendy ones, you know, the extra jazzy types. So here are just a few pairs in my closet all of which look awesome with jeans and a white tee shirt.

The Vans slip on in theclassic checkerboard are fun, and a great way to add a print to your outfit. They are affordable and come in multiple patterns. Vince makes my favorite slip on; they are the most comfortable but still look chic. The Nike high top with the built in wedge is also a nice way to give you some height, but still be comfortable and obtain that athleisure look.