"Effortlessly Cool" and really COLD

We took these photos last Friday when it was 25 degrees and windy out. I am not going to lie, I was freezing, but it was worth it because I love this look. This is probably as close to Kendall Jenner’s style as I will ever get, minus the five inches she’s got on me. I mean, let’s be honest, we have all looked at her on more than one occasion and wished we could pull off what she makes look effortlessly cool every day.

I popped into H&M last week and was pleasantly surprised. I picked up some really cool pieces all for under $100 including these jeans, which I fell in love with. I am constantly on the hunt for denim that is 100% cotton. Just like the jeans you used to buy at GAP kids when you were 10 years old. They are much harder to come by now that EVERYTHING is made with some stretch in it. I find that while denim with stretch is great the first time you pull them on the times after that there is potential for sag in the butt and bunching around the knees. Neither look I am wild about. So when I saw these I jumped at them along with another pair that are also 100% cotton, and I have been living in them ever since. The sweater is a Zara find and not something that I would have normally chosen, but I thought I would give it a go. It reminds me of a delicate ballerina, and I am pretty much the opposite of that. The bag and the shoes are both Ivanka Trump. I have really good luck with her accessories, especially the shoes. This bag comes in a bunch of different fabrics and colors. I linked my favorites below (the blush is on my wish list for spring).

Tomorrow I will post the rest of my H&M picks all under $100, so make sure to check back.

*The coat is Vince and from last year but I linked a few similar ones.