I Prefer To Call It An Excessive Habit

Happy Friday! I recently came across this article on Who What Wear titled “I’m a 24-Year-Old Fashion Editor, and I’m Addicted to Zara.” First, I found myself laughing out loud. Second, I found myself totally relating to the author.  After I stopped laughing and started thinking about it, I had a moment of self diagnosis. I didn’t need Web MD to realize, I too, had a Zara addiction. Well, maybe not a full blown addiction. What is a less serious word? More like an excessive habit.

Zara has been one of my favorites since the first time I walked into their store in China. I remember being mesmerized. Chic, fashionable clothes at affordable prices. When I returned to the US and found they were in NYC I was thrilled. They quickly made their way to Greenwich Ave, and I was in big trouble. Then came online shopping…….now I find myself checking their website at least twice a week to see what new products have been added.

Here’s the deal, I understand spending top dollar on classic and timeless pieces that you will have forever. A beautiful bag (guilty of that) or expensive shoes (guilty of that too). However, something trendy that you are trying out and isn’t going to stick around is not as practical. Enter Zara. You have a much bigger opportunity to push your style limits and stay within your budget. Yes, some items are total impulse buys, and I end up wearing them once, but most of my purchases have pretty good staying power.

With all that being said, I am going to do my part to make all of you Zara addicts too. I have rounded up some of my favorite things currently on their website. Scroll through the items below; they are all linked to the products. Have a great weekend.