The Guys: Bathing Suits

Woah, the Northeast went from freezing to scorching hot and I am not complaining. Looks like its time to break out the bathing suits. I thought it would be fun to write a post for the guys. I can’t imagine any of my guy's friends check the blog every day. I am pretty sure my Dad is the only one who looks; I know because he reposts my things on his Facebook page (thanks, Dad). I am always in search of good gift ideas for the guys in my life, and I think bathing suits are a great gift. So this post is just as much for the girls as it is for the guys.

When I asked my husband what his favorite bathing suit brands were, he gave me a few which were totally acceptable. I was shocked—he has come a long way in the style department since we met. Then a few minutes later, my phone vibrated. He wanted to add that Lulu Lemon shorts were great for swimming because they dry super fast. Hmmmm, all his stylish street cred went out the window with that one text. That's coming from the guy who wore the same Patagonia board shorts for years until they “mysteriously” disappeared. Let’s just say I was NOT sad to see them go.

Let's be honest. Most guys are happy to swim in their shorts and don’t care about “cute” bathing suits. It's something that if you buy it for them, they will wear it, but they typically aren’t seeking them out. But just like a great suit or a nice pair of loafers, a nice bathing suit goes a long way, and every guy should have one if not two. My idea of a cute bathing suit is somewhat fitted, so it isn’t falling down when you get out of the water. No one needs to see your crack; keep that to yourself, and it should be above your knee.

Some brands I love are Strong Bolt, Vilbrequine, Orlebar Brown and J. Crew also has some good choices for guys.