Tying the Top

Back in college, my roommates LOVED the scarf top. They would fold it in half, tie one end around some chunky necklace (usually pearls) and the other end through their pant loops in the back, so the top didn’t ride up. Genius, right? I think so.

A few weeks ago, on vacation, my last-minute packing got the best of me, and I ran out of clothes. Before recycling tops, I found myself reaching for the Hermes scarf I had brought to recreate the look. I quickly realized no chunky necklace was necessary (I haven’t rolled around with pearls since forever), and after a few attempts, I realized that while the necklace adds a little jazziness, it’s not crucial to the execution of the scarf top.

I folded it in a point, tied one end around my neck, and brought the other two around my back, threw my high-waist jeans and a pair of chunky heels on, and had myself a pretty cute outfit. That night, I was walking around town and stopped at Hermes, and the first thing I spotted was a mannequin, which, surely enough, was wearing a scarf top, albeit tied way better than mine. The woman reached into a drawer and handed me a box, and inside were the cutest “playing cards” with different ways you can tie your scarf as a top.

Think about all the scarves you have in your closet that you could use—just make sure they aren't see-through! Finding ways to use things you already have in your closet is always exciting (could I be lamer?). Below I included a few of my favorite Hermes scarves right now, which are a little pricey, but they honestly last a lifetime. Both my mom and grandmother have passed down a bunch of theirs from back in the day. I also laid out the "playing cards" so you can see all the different ways to tie the scarves.