Weekend Recap

Just like that, it's Monday again, which means there are five more days till the next weekend... Let the countdown begin. This weekend, we were finally blessed with some summer temperatures and actual SUN. I was finally able to put the down vest away and wear some fun summer clothes.

Our weekend was all consumed by the wedding festivities of two of our best friends. It was the first wedding since our own 6 months ago, so it got me thinking about our wedding day, and total nostalgia set in. Their wedding was picture perfect, and the bride looked so classic. All in all, it was amazing celebrating with some of our oldest friends.

Sunday I spent the day relaxing by the pool with my mom and sister, who were in town visiting. Some much-needed girl time was really nice. My husband had his final lacrosse tournament of the season; to say I am happy it's over is an understatement. I am so excited to have him back just in time for summer weekends.

I am looking forward to many more meals outside, days off spent by the pool, and weekends away. Have a great week!