Vermont ----> ACK

It's Friday, and I am headed to Vermont for the weekend. It’s my college roommate's bachelorette weekend, and I love that she picked a low-key destination like VT, not to mention that it holds a special place in my heart. I haven’t been up there since we closed up the ski house this past winter, so I am looking forward to visiting all my favorite places (Happgoods, Dorset Inn, Taconic Hotel, just to name a few).

Most people think of VT as a skiing destination, but I almost love it more in the summer. There is just something about the mountains, the cool nights, and the laid back attitude (leaving the heels at home). I have a feeling that the weekend is going to be filled with farm-to-table food, lots of cocktails, and bonfires, and I couldn’t be more excited for some girl time.

After Vermont, I head straight to Nantucket for a few days with the entire family. Packing for two very different places can be challenging, but I am going for lots of laid back looks—denim with casual tops and sneakers or flat espadrilles for shoes. I am bringing my jean jacket and a Vince cashmere hoodie for those cool VT and Nantucket nights. Getting everything in a small overnight bag should be interesting, but packing is NOT my strong suit. I usually end up with clothes that don’t match and tons of stuff that I never get the chance to wear. Below are some things that I am packing for the trip. I hope that you, guys, have fun things planned for this weekend! Watch out for lots of travel photos coming your way.