His & Hers: Packing Lists

We are headed to Europe in two days, and I couldn’t be more excited: Santorini, Venice, and the South of France, to be exact, and I have these visions of Grace Kelly in "To Catch a Thief," dancing in my head. We picked three places neither of us have been, so I am looking forward to exploring and taking everything in. As many tips and recommendations as you all have on any of these places is welcomed!

Besides our honeymoon, I think this is one of the hardest trips I have had to think about packing for; I know, I know, first-world problems. We are going to three very different places. Typically, we are beach people, so my suitcase is full of bathing suits, cover-ups, and something to throw on at night for dinner; however, packing for this trip has been a tad more challenging. I figure I need beach clothes, exploring clothes, and dinner outfits. I have also sworn to myself I will not wait until the night before to pack (my typical M.O.); we will see if I can keep my promise.

Above are some things that will be making their way into my suitcase. Below are the links to the exact products!


Now, onto my husbands packing…
He pretty much does it all on his own while asking my opinion on certain things along the way, which is great but also provides for a lot of “Um, what is that?" moments once we reach our destination. For our honeymoon, he brought four shirts for 14 days—I mean seriously? He is the kind of person that can almost always carry on; let’s just say I am the opposite and half his suitcase coming home is usually stuffed with my overflow.

Things I know he will pack are linen shirts, comfy shorts, bathing suits, loafers, and a blazer. Things I will sneak in when he is not looking are white jeans, extra shirts (learned my lesson on our honeymoon), and a sweater in case it's chilly.

Above are a few things that are sure to be in his bag, the links are below.