And Just Like That.....It's Fall


Just like that, it's fall… those of you who live in the NYC area know what I am talking about. We woke up to temps in the mid-50s this morning.

A few weeks ago, someone described August as the Sunday of summer, and the more I thought about it, the more I realized how true it was. August flew by. It was my birthday (31 and not happy about it), we took an amazing vacation through Europe (more to come on that), and work has been CRAZY. The kind of crazy where we leave station at 6:30 a.m. and don’t get back for 12 hours when our shift is over, the kind of crazy where I am forced to eat my food in the ambulance between calls, the kind of crazy that the adrenaline junkie in me loves. Unfortunately this month, the blog has taken a backseat to the lights and sirens.

Living in the Northeast, summer is my favorite season, a much-needed reprieve from the harsh winters we can have here. I wait nine months for those three little months of late light, BBQs, the smell of fresh cut grass, and not having to wear 10 layers when I walk out the door. Unfortunately, those three months are over just like that, and we are headed toward fall. While I am not quite ready for boots, I am embracing the 70-degree temps.

My real beef with summer ending isn’t its colorful counterpart, fall, but what comes after it: WINTER. It can be relentless and unforgiving around here.

I am going to regret thinking this and putting it into words, but I am a little excited about fall. I can always sense a change; the light is different, the breeze picks up, and fall has such a distinct smell. While I am going to miss weekends spent by the pool and eating outside, I am looking forward to crisp mornings and warm afternoons, the color of the leaves, and cozy sweaters.

Here are a few things I have my eye on for fall.