Baby Makes Three


So, big news over here, we’re EXPECTING. I know its already January, almost February, and the Christmas card was so last month, but with the exception of our parents and siblings whom we told in person, the Christmas card was the way we broke the news to our nearest and dearest.

My husband and I wanted a fun (nonsocial media way) to tell everyone our exciting news. I love snail mail, although I will be the first to admit I collect all these fabulous cards with every intention of sending them to people and it never happens. We both had the same feelings when telling people in person, and thought a card, while lighthearted and fun (can't you tell from my husband's expression?), would take away the awkwardness of telling people.

We have spent the last month since everyone received their cards soaking up well wishes and realizing this is happening – a little scary. So now I wanted to share with all of you guys and put up our photos from the Christmas card shoot that we did.

We are now 22 weeks along, and things are moving so much more quickly than they did when we first found out. We are so excited to meet our babes in a few months, and I am looking forward to bringing you guys along for the ride. First-time mom here, so I am going to need lots of advice.  I can honestly say I don’t know how to swaddle a baby or even change a diaper. Um... send help.