Hair Bows or Hats?

hairbow or hats.jpg


So I totally tricked you because we don't know what we are having either. Sorry, that was mean.

Boy or Girl? That's usually the second question I get after "When are you due?"

My husband and I went back and forth probably a hundred times about finding out the sex of the baby. Before I got pregnant I always had the mindset that I would want to keep it a surprise. When pregnancy became a reality I was dying to know what my baby was going to be. I am a total planner and wanted every detail of the nursery to be perfect and all the sweetest little clothes hanging in the closet. Fast forward to when people found out we were pregnant, my husband and I were wavering on whether or not we wanted to find out.

I think there are pros and cons to both and no matter if you find out now or when it comes out it's still the BEST surprise ever. If you ask people of the older generation they all say don't find out, it's so worth the wait. Whereas all of my friends that have had babies think I am crazy, I would say 90% of them found out and I don’t know how I am going to wait till the end. But then someone said something that changed my mind. They said after all the pushing when that little baby comes out and you hear its a boy or girl there is honestly no feeling like it. After I heard that I knew that moment was going to be worth the wait.

So as of now, we have decided to keep the baby's gender a surprise. Really give me something to work for in the delivery room if you know what I mean. So until May it's going to be lots of creams and greys.