The First SIX Months


Since I passed the 24 week mark – SIX MONTHS (insert hands on face, open mouth emoji) – I felt like a pregnancy post was appropriate and long overdue. Here are a few things I have learned during the first six months.

Advice, SO MUCH advice, wanted and unwanted: I mean the lady at the whole foods check out counter couldn’t even help herself the other day. People are so sweet when they find out you're pregnant; they want to share everything about their experience. A lot of the advice makes you feel better about all the new things you're feeling and is helpful, but I am not going to lie – some of it is unnecessary. Like if one more person tells me to eat more, I am going to lose my mind. But in all reality, our understanding of pregnancy has changed a lot over the years. I love my grandmother to death, but the last time you had a kid was 55 years ago, so you telling me I shouldn’t work out when pregnant is probably going to be ignored. I have realized people are going to share no matter what, so take everything with a grain of salt and move on.

HOLY Baby Registry: So, apparently, all the baby websites say this was something I was supposed to start at around 12 weeks; clearly, I didn’t. At 12 weeks, we still hadn’t told anyone. I was so superstitious, and the thought of picking things out would have made me nervous. Well, fast forward to 11 weeks later and I have started to take a stab at the registry. Taking the SAT's were easier; they make it seem like you need a million things and each thing on the list has 100 different models or brands to choose from. The other day, I found myself lost in the black hole of bottles for FOURTY FIVE minuets. To say it was overwheling would be an understatement.

Can's and Can NOT'S: The list is long, and every day, I feel like I add something to it. I honestly had no idea; before I got pregnant, I thought alcohol and sushi were the only things on the list... woah, was I wrong. I think everything in moderation is a good motto, and one I am following. When I told my mom about the “list” of things I couldn’t eat, she was shocked; her response went something like this, "It's amazing you turned out okay because I ate all that stuff." It gets you thinking about all the things our moms and grandmothers did while they were pregnant. If you slip up and have a bite of a turkey sandwich or the yoke in your egg is runny its not the end of the world. You know your body and what's right for you.

EVERY Pregnancy is Different: No two pregnancies are the same; remember that. I have been able to avoid things that have bothered other people; this doesn’t mean there isn’t stuff that is driving me crazy. Pregnancy is never a walk in the park, no matter what Kourtney Kardashian tries to make you believe (annoying); things are raw, emotional, and not gonna lie a little gross. Remember your pregnancy is your pregnancy; you have to live your life.

Leggings are your best friend and also your worst enemy: I am no stranger to leggings, totally one of those girls who wears workout clothes even when she's not working out, but this whole pregnancy thing has taken that to a whole new level. The high-waisted jeans went out the door around week 13 (man, I miss them). I was at dinner with my husband when I felt so lightheaded I thought I was going to pass out; it turned out my pants were just too tight. Low point.  I can still wear some of my low-waisted pants but not for long periods of time. I haven’t made the maternity jeans leap quite yet. With that being said, it's pretty much all about the leggings, workout, day and going out. I am running out of outfits to combine with leggings. Finding variety is tough right now, and it's throwing off my style game big time.